Lonely Tote Bag

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This picture was taken with a polaroid and with only one shot, so as to deliver the feeling of spontaneity and carefree. The graffiti words were "You're not alone" originally, later someone smeared the word "re not" and became "You alone". 
I photoshoot this down and edited it a bit, found this picture perfectly describes the mindset of loneliness. 

Instead of positively encouraging somebodies, this is showing the struggle of depressed humans. Sometimes we just couldn’t feel any warmth and enjoyment even though all of our loved ones are physically surrounding and accompanying us. Although we might logically know people are actually helping or talking with us, we could still feel not great enough, not being loved enough, not being cared for enough. This is loneliness.

Lonely Tote Bag
Material: Canvas
Color: Black/ White
Size: 30x35cm/ 35x40cm

Designed and printed in Hong Kong
Made in China