PSYCHO winter shorts

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Suede inside
86% Cotton
14% Polyester

Design In Hong Kong
Made In China



Have you realized orange is the big theme of PSYCHO?
Have you ever seen a picture of how a red-green color blind person sees on a green environment? Green often symbolizes healing but it becomes yellowish-orange and brown shades from those eyes. PSYCHO is inspired and motivated by the perspective of mental struggles. Therefore we selected orange to represent people who are experiencing mental health challenges and those who can't see a light of rehabilitation.




PSYCHO is an urban wear brand, also a rebellious mental health activist. Every graphic on the clothing is inspired by the thoughts of people struggling with mental health conditions. However, our aim is not to let you feel down but to let you feel cool and empowered at the same time.

Everybody needs to be cared for, but we rarely to ask for it. If someone around you feels related to the thoughts of PSYCHO, please show them more of your love and care. PSYCHO is not just another brand providing good designs but also cares about the mental health of everyone in the society. We would like to make use of our designs, as well as our social media platforms, to raise attention and lead positive discussions about social misunderstanding and sentiments from mental health sufferers severally. We will also donate 10% of our profit to mental health NGOs, any organizations dedicated to raising mental health awareness.